designFeatureWe will work directly with you or with your architect to develop your concept before shop work begins. Your finalized design is arrived at through a process of drawings, discussions and revisions to assure the final result will be exactly what you want. This process also allows us to arrive at an accurate quote of the project cost.

We understand that the key to your satisfaction is working closely with you or with your architect on the design and the details. We can provide either scale drawings and/or computer aided plans to translate your concept into reality.

“We had an excellent experience with Albion Cabinets.  David Marshall was prompt, friendly, professional and reliable from start to finish.  He helped us design an island, cabinet, and mullioned doors to match existing cabinets.  He also patiently tolerated my repeated changes.  We are thrilled with the overall look and experience.”


How We Work



Our design process often starts with simple pencil drawings to establish, layout, proportion and style.



For bigger projects we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) graphics.  We also complement architects drawings with our own shop drawings to detail the construction.


Even as the project is being built we can tweak the design to better suit the customers needs.